The background


I am Jack Bywater, the founder and face of Darwin Media and I am a Digital Content Creator.

I am based in Shrewsbury in Shropshire which is where I grew up and started School. At the age of 13 I made a bold decision to continue my education at a boarding school in Derbyshire, which offered opportunities for the enthusiastic sportsman in me.

As my school years were coming to an end, I knew University wasn’t for me but during my last year, I was contacted by my old school in Shropshire and offered an opportunity to work with them as a PE assistant.

Seeing this as an opportunity to explore a potential career path in teaching combined with sports, I accepted the offer. I wasn’t 100% sure if teaching was for me, I kept at it, but I knew I needed to be doing something else.

In my spare time I had developed an interest in film and video; That interest rapidly grew into a hobby and fast became a passion.

Knowing things weren’t sitting quite right professionally, I started to do my research and I saw there was a market for film and video in a rapidly growing digital world.

I found my first project when I was still working at the school; they underwent some massive renovation and refurbishments on the nursery area. I approached the school with a proposal – identifying for them the need for a promotional film to show the new changes and highlighting the benefits that this would bring them as a business.

They agreed, the short film was produced, and it was a great success.

That’s where it all started, I finished working at the school in 2017 and in the October of that year I launched my own business – Darwin Media was created.




There is a dramatic and continuous change in the way video marketing is being used for businesses, brands and their clients. It is an effective promotional tool.

Here at Darwin media – I help businesses connect with their audience using video content.

I am all about storytelling and I find it fascinating meeting and listening to the person or people behind a business. I work with any size business because, big or small, everyone has that story to tell and I will help you bring that to life with video content.

I capture the moments that make your business unique and I give you the means to share the experience with the people that you want to see it.




Digital content helps businesses grow and working together is all an important part of what I do.

It is important to me to build strong and solid relationships with everyone I work with in order to fully understand your needs and expectations of a project. From me you can expect professionalism, creativity and quality.

At Darwin Media it is my job to make the operation as simple as possible for you. I make it so that only job you have is to tell me about your business, your story and your vision. I will help you find the best and most creative way to showcase it and you can rest assured that I will bring together the best equipment, resources and software to produce your film.


A Growing business


From the start I have been fortunate to work alongside a wide variety of different businesses, brands and with a diverse mix of clients.

Networking and building strong relationships have allowed me to experience so many great opportunities, gain lots of exposure and enjoy a variety of different experiences.

One of my first projects in business was working alongside TK MAXX out in Uganda to capture and document stories to support their Comic Relief Campaign. It was an eye-opening experience both professionally and personally.

I went on to work with some big-name clients in the UK during my first year in business. I worked with a local company called Purition ( ) in Shrewsbury; they are a growing company and I recently produced a film for them which they used a lot over their social media channels. Starting as a local business, they distribute now all over America and Europe.

I have documented events both locally and nationally; I have captured the story behind products and the detailed the scope of deliverable services; I have captured scenery, locations and surroundings, and in September 2018 I started an exciting project with

More of who I have worked with can be seen on my showreel/portfolio page.

I am delighted that Darwin Media is a fast-growing company and I am always looking for new challenges and experiences. I pride myself on managing projects, providing an excellent bespoke service and a delivering you a premium quality production product.

If you have a story to tell or a business that you want to capture visually then I would love to hear from you to discuss what I can offer you.

I will help you tell your story and capture your vision from behind the lens.